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Festival Partner Spotlight: BJSS

By Sheffield Digital Festival

For the second year running, we are excited to have BJSS supporting the Sheffield Digital Festival. The tech and engineering consultancy already has a fantastic line-up of events planned which you can check out on the calendar. We heard from BJSS’s Head of Delivery in Sheffield, Mike Sanderson, who shared his thoughts on the city’s tech scene and what ‘remote control’ has meant for his team over the past year.

Why are you supporting the Sheffield Digital Festival?

It’s an important part of the Sheffield digital calendar and a fantastic way for us to tell the world about all the great things going on at BJSS Sheffield.

BJSS has been in Sheffield for over a year now, what do you think of the digital tech scene?

I’ve been involved with BJSS’ work in Sheffield for five years now, so we were already familiar with the tech scene here. But it was the strength of the tech talent and the opportunities available in Sheffield that cemented the idea we should open an office here. It’s obviously been a strange year to do it, but we’ve been able to plant roots here and bring people into the business. We’re now looking to push on and be a greater part of Sheffield’s tech scene over the next year.

Apart from your support of the Festival, how else are you involved in the city’s digital scene?

We regularly spoke at tech events in Sheffield prior to Covid, and we’re hoping to get back to that this year. We’re also planning to start hosting our own events to add to the tech calendar. 

We’re involved with both of the city’s universities and the UTC, so we’re trying to play our part in the next generation of the region’s tech talent, too. 

What do you want to see at this year’s virtual Festival?

All of the things that make Sheffield what it is - innovation, strength of character, and a global outlook to bring ideas to life beyond the immediate area. 

The theme of the festival is Remote Control, exploring the technologies, lessons and impacts we have experienced throughout the pandemic. What has ‘remote control’ looked like for BJSS?

We’ve been lucky in that we have a lot of great people who seamlessly transitioned themselves, their teams and their clients to remote working. Aided by a world-class internal IT team, we’ve been able to keep things moving really smoothly across the company. We’ve faced all the challenges everyone else has, but we’ve tackled them with the normal BJSS attitude of looking after our people and continuing to deliver for our clients. Little touches like regularly delivering hampers to our staff don’t replace the buzz of getting our teams together, but they certainly add a bit of sunshine to our home-based lives.

What is the best digital innovation you’ve seen coming out of Sheffield City Region, in response to COVID-19?

It’s difficult to answer this without mentioning some of the work our BJSS Sheffield people have done with NHSD, both in direct COVID response solutions and in ongoing programmes of work supporting NHSD through COVID. There are too many people to name, but they’ve played important roles across many initiatives within NHSD and DHSC, and their continued ability to deliver outcomes is outstanding. 

In terms of local innovation, I really liked the collaborative approach taken to help the Moor traders move their businesses online and deliver to people using the ChefChef app. It’s a great example of collaboration and technology enabling a vital service for those who rely upon it. 

At last year’s virtual Festival we saw an amazing range of sessions delivered by BJSS - what do you have planned for this year’s event?

More of the same! We’ll focus on the things that make us what we are - great delivery, a strong tech focus and an agile approach.

Posted by Sheffield Digital Festival on 05.05.2021