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Be part of the discovery

By Sheffield Digital Festival

Sheffield Digital Festival is back and you are invited to be part of it.

The Festival exists to showcase and celebrate what our creative and tech communities have to offer. This year, we have an even bigger role to play. 

The COVID-19 pandemic stopped people, communities and entire industries in their tracks. We want to use the Festival to encourage people to explore and rediscover the city’s creative and digital industries, through interesting, fun and innovative digital experiences.

Taking place from 16-22 November, there will be a full week of fringe events and experiences, contributed by you - the talented creative and technical folk in Sheffield. There are stories to be told, tours to be led, masterpieces to be shown. There is the opportunity to reach new people and engage diverse audiences in your work. There is so much to discover, and rediscover. What will you do?

The Festival calendar is now open for you to add your fringe events and experiences. Once it’s on the calendar we’ll start promoting your event on social media and, as part of the Festival family, you’ll have tools to help with your own promotion.

Anything goes, so long as it’s safe - whether that be socially distanced or virtual - fits with our theme of digital discovery and supports our Festival strapline: ‘where creativity meets technical excellence’.

So, itching to chat about cyber security? Desperate to give graduates a tour of the tech industries? Dreaming of a debate? Maybe it’s a roundtable discussion, a virtual tour, webinars, a film screening, a game-a-thon, a mini-hack… Be geeky, be techy, be creative, be adventurous.

Let’s start the discovery.

Add your fringe event now.

Posted by Sheffield Digital Festival on 28.09.2020