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The user research and service design company, who believe passionately, that every user counts.

We design services that work. We do this by listening to your users to understand what they need, so every user can have the best experience.

The Paper team believes in designing with people, not for them, and making sure no person is left behind. This people focused, collaborative approach allows us to create efficient, inclusive and accessible services for government, local authorities, business and charities.


We want to make a positive difference, for both our clients, and our communities. It's one of our founding principles. To deliver on this, we provide free leg-ups to charities, small business and social enterprises. Some of the leg-ups are one-off projects, others are provided via a free-to-attend mentoring event called leg.up social. is a collaborative project from the digital community to help small businesses, charities and social enterprises with digital, for free.


Alongside supporting the festival we'll also be running An introduction to user research and service design - a Paper-designed workshop, for those who are looking to get their first insight into the industry and what we do.

"We're really proud to sponsor and support Sheffield Digital Festival, as we're dedicated to playing our part in building a more diverse, inclusive and informed creative community"