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16th of November —
22nd of November 2020
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Block Men

This series of augmented reality ‘sculptures’ are built from a body of drawings – or more accurately ‘doodles’ – made during the summer of 2020 – a lean time for creatives. The positives taken from the imposed downtime can open up new avenues of creativity unencumbered by the constraints of commercial activity.

Themes explored in this work – consciously and subconsciously – are Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’, the Industrial Revolution, masculinity, urban blight, urban expansion, Brutalism and children’s toys.

Mick will be displaying larger-than-life 3D augmented versions of his 'Men in Heels' series across the city during December 2020. The images below give a sneak preview of the soon to be released mega structures.




Initially inspired by the Bauhaus and the exploration of basic building blocks – the addition of a stove pipe hat and pipe led to the giants of the Industrial Revolution.




In 1931 the Society of Beaux–Arts Architects held a ball in New York where 20 famous architects dressed as the buildings they had designed, many of which are now fixtures of the New York Skyline. This form relates to that period of architecture and this body of work as a whole is indebted to that event.




Inspired by The Bauhaus ‘Triadic Ballet’, formalising the use of fundamental principles and modernist design in a costume setting.




This image references Brutalism, concrete, Yugoslavian war monuments and 1970s stack heel boots.




In the days before the internet and 24 hour entertainment, many children were often bored. For all those people that ever put shoes on their hands and pretended to have four legs.