Steve Gibson

Featuring our Keynote Speaker

Where Technical Experimentalism Interconnects with Divergent Thinking
Why do we (often) limit ourselves to dominant modes of interaction when we work with creative technology? What other senses can we activate with immersive and interactive technologies? What interfaces can be used to get us away from the ubiquitous rectangular box? This semi-interactive presentation invokes divergent thinking around the digital as a stimulus for thinking about new and radical modes of immersive, physical and tactile interaction. Presenting a range of ground-breaking work ranging from the commercial to the wildly experimental, Gibson argues for an unconventional and idiosyncratic approach to technical creativity as a way to stimulate genuine innovation.

Steve Gibson is Associate Professor in Innovative Digital Media at Northumbria University. He is an interactive media artist, interface designer, electronic musician, and media curator with a diverse academic background. He is primarily interested in transdisciplinary collaborations between art, design and computing, and works on tactile and physical interfaces and applications that enable a healthier relationship with technology. He works as lead-beta tester of the Gesture and Media System motion-tracking system. Steve has also had immediately publicly facing roles as Curator and Director for the Media Art event Interactive Futures from 2002-07, and as Co-owner and Creative Director of Limbic Media Corporation in Victoria, Canada (2007-14). He is currently working with Northern Dance in Newcastle on a large-scale movement-based audio-visual project, Ephemera.

Steve Gibson has an active practice that fuses immersive art, audio-visual performance and DIY design.  Over the past fifteen years he has created several prominent works, and over the course of his career he has presented at many world-leading venues including Ars Electronica, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Banff Centre for the Arts, the European Media Arts Festival, ISEA, and Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich. Over the past fifteen years he has worked as PI and CI on numerous research grants. His publishing career is also very active, with work appearing in high profile venues including Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Springer, St. Martin’s Press, and MIT Press.