The National Videogame Museum

We are The National Videogame Museum; a unique museum where you can play, explore and create videogames.
Upon entering the museum, you will find that everything is interactive and available to play, from retro arcade machines, to classic consoles, to interactive art exhibits that will challenge what it means to be a 'game'. We're are a celebration of the fun and interesting aspects of videogame culture, that make it such a vibrant and exciting art form.

Dedicated to Videogame culture

Our challenge is to deliver a world-class cultural centre at the heart of an active, diverse and inclusive games community. We are building a home for UK games culture and developers, that we anticipate growing beyond our walls and into the surrounding community in Sheffield.

Celebrate & Challenge

We exist to celebrate, study and challenge the culture of video games in all forms. We structure our museum through bundles of games that explore gameplay concepts, mechanics and more. We believe that this gives an insight into games as a cultural product and phenomena (but of course we still have the classics available to play!)

Educate & Inspire

We aim to educate and inspire the next generation of videogame players and makers. Alongside creating interactive exhibits inside the museum to teach people how to build games, we are also going to be running Pixelheads, our extra-curricular education programme in Sheffield, and have launched a free online course with the BGI and FutureLearn designed to help those who want to get into the games industry.