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16th of November —
22nd of November 2020
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This event has ended

This event has ended

Using IP to guard your software innovation

Brought to you by Berwins Digital and Page White and Farrer

Too often entrepreneurs give away their cornerstone innovation to competitors by making assumptions about how IP rights are established and owned.

In a joint presentation, solicitors Berwins Digital and European Patent attorneys Page White and Farrer will explore how tech businesses, by understanding their intellectual property rights, can maximise their value.

In software, they will look at the protection given by both copyright and patents; they’ll look at the benefits and issues with open source software, and what well written licences and SaaS agreements can achieve – as well as what OS licenses can do, or undo.

Trade marks will also be explored - how one of the most straightforward rights can be at the core of a business’ brand (and how it can go wrong).