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16.05.19 @ 12:30-14:00

The Neuroscience of Great Teams

Brought to you by Northern Value Creators & Joule Digital & Studio November

Good food, interesting conversation and a chance to look around one of the best new spaces in the heart of Sheffield - a great way to spend a Thursday lunchtime.

Join Amanda and Simon from Northern Value Creators and Becky and Richard from Joule Digital to explore a little bit about how your brain works, and how this plays such an important role in how we work together in teams.

Over a lovely lunch we’ll share some stories, interesting brain facts and proven strategies for helping you and your team flourish.

Using a mixture of engaging storytelling, group exercises and sharing tools we’ll cover areas such as:

  • The importance of physiological safety
  • Social pain = physical pain
  • Conversations are chemical
  • Positive agile team cultures
  • Environments that encourage innovation

Our hosts for this gathering are Studio November on Carver Street, a wonderful new community co-working space in the heart of Sheffield. Come down, share lunch and take the opportunity to visit the amazing space that’s now available.

When is the event:
Thursday 16th May starting at 12:30, finishing around 2pm

Where to find us:
Carver House, Carver Street, Sheffield S1 4FS

Reserving your space:
Email us on to reserve your place

Who are we:

Joule Digital

We see ourselves as digital problem solvers. We help teams and organisations deliver the best possible products and services for their users or customers by equipping them with a delivery-focused mindset, together with some agile techniques and skills.

We don't educate, coach and deliver solutions by doing Agile, but rather by being agile. We show others how they can be agile too.

Northern Value Creators

Helping people and businesses flourish in the new world of work. Simon and Amanda help leaders create the right conditions so that they and their people can flourish, and their businesses thrive. They achieve this by coaching people, developing leaders, sharing knowledge and building relationships.

They help people harness the power of great conversations and meaningful relationships; empowering them to solve big problems, because they know that people and relationships make all the difference.

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Studio November, Carver Street


16.05.19 @ 12:30-14:00
This event has ended

This event was from the 2019 Digital Festival