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17.05.19 @ 12:00-18:00


Brought to you by Field and Project Something

Exhibition / Installation

$_post[Code] is a project aimed at visualising the fragments of the city by collating the images and sounds of everyday life through the people who live within the confines of a particular postcode area. The project is loosely based around Walter Benjamins Arcades Project where he categorised the flow of everyday life through the variegated fragments of visual culture that reflected 19th century Parisian Arcades away from the trappings of the Bourgeoisie. 

$_post[Code] aims to reflect how we live our lives in a 21st century context by knitting together the fragments of the city and abstracting their form to create a digital installation.

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Kommune, Castle House


17.05.19 @ 12:00-18:00
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This event was from the 2019 Digital Festival