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10.05.22 @ 12:00-13:00

Modern Is Great, How Do We Get There

Brought to you by BJSS

This talk will cover technical practice and processes that have worked for some past legacy migration projects. If you work on supporting and maintaining legacy systems, are actively migrating or are considering a migration project, you can learn from our experiences. We hope the principles we cover will help whatever the state of your legacy migration project.

Themes we will discuss include;

  • Continuous improvement
  • People and culture
  • Pragmatism and Prioritisation
  • Development practices and processes including; Observability, Testing and Stability

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BJSS, 38 Carver Street, Sheffield, S1 4FT


10.05.22 @ 12:00-13:00
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This event was from the 2022 Digital Festival


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