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16.05.19 @ 12:30-14:00

DWP Digital Menagarie

Brought to you by DWP Digital

Four lightning talks covering:

Fishing for compliments: How analysis of user feedback on can not only provide great user soundbites and satisfaction scores, but can also provide invaluable insights to enable you to iterate your digital service. Using a case study of a DWP product on Gov.UK that allows people to apply for a budgeting loan.

The Agile Octopus: The Agile Manifesto states “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”, but how do we have these good interactions with the individuals we collaborate with? In this talk, we’ll be sharing how the humble octopus has become a source of inspiration some tips we could all be use to both value individuals and be a valued individual in our teams.

Birds of a feather: What flocks of birds tell us about AI, when three brains are better than two, and why variety and co-operation make successful feeding flocks and great AI. We’ll explore the concept of Ensembles in Machine Learning – what they are, what influences them and what they have to do with birds?!

Teddy talk: Controlling who has access to your personal information has become an important part of life today. User Managed Access, or “UMA”, promises to provide a technical framework to do this. In this talk you’ll see how DWP is experimenting with UMA to give citizens more control over the information we hold about them.

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Kings Court, Hanover Way


16.05.19 @ 12:30-14:00
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This event was from the 2019 Digital Festival