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Do we need to be physically together to collaborate

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Join us for a special #HumanLeaders twitter chat takeover for Sheffield Digital Festival.

Our topic in this special edition of our weekly chat is all about the subject of the moment - do we have to be in the same room to create and collaborate together? As many workplaces are opening up many are welcoming the so called 'return to work' as they feel that their ability to collaborate and create with colleagues has been vastly diminished during lockdown. Whilst many feel this is not the case. Let's share our views in this weeks #HumanLeaders twitter chat.

The #HumanLeaders chat happens every week on Thursdays at 1pm UK time.
It's an open and inclusive conversation where folks from HR, Tech, Design and Leadership come together in conversation.

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Venue: #HumanLeaders
Date: 20.05.21 @ 13:00-14:00
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This event was from the 2021 Digital Festival