An inspirational line-up, exploring the cross-over between technology and creativity.

Take an afternoon out to be part of the Festival main event - an eclectic mini-conference followed by evening socialising in Sheffield’s newest gathering space. We will hear from people and companies who are making digital work that solves problems, breaks new ground or takes us to a different place. We’ll explore new developments and ask how we build on what we have now to make something even better. Expect some interesting installations and demonstrations too.

Our grateful thanks to the team at Kollïder for providing the Ko-Host venue at Castle House for our event.


We have a very limited number of showcase spots available in the main event at Ko-Host. These spots are specifically for demonstrating new products and creations, or unveiling something you’ve been working on that deserves its own special place. The theme of the festival should influence your proposal: “where creativity meets technical excellence”. We’re looking for work with impact that people will want to explore and engage with. Interested? Please contact Jonny –