Why a Festival and why now?

Sheffield’s digital industries are booming. Our city is home to world-leading companies and talent, but we don’t make enough noise about it. The Festival’s ultimate aim is to create an annual, week-long celebration of the people, work and companies who are making outstanding, exciting digital products, services and experiences, right here within our seven hills. It will be an opportunity for all of us to share ideas and successes but also to show the rest of the world how strong Sheffield’s digital scene is.

The concept

The theme for the Festival is “where creativity meets technical excellence”.

The Festival is made up of a main event on the Friday and a platform for people around the city to create and promote their own events during the week. This is similar to the highly successful Leeds Digital Festival (we’re not shy about learning from other people’s successes).

The Main Event

Friday 17th May, afternoon & evening

The Main Event will be an afternoon mini-conference, followed by evening socialising. We will hear from people and companies who are making digital work that solves problems, breaks new ground or takes us to a different place. We’ll explore new developments and ask how we build on what we have now to make something even better. Expect some interesting installations and demonstrations too.

This event will be held at Ko-Host in Castle House and we are very grateful to Kollider for their generosity in providing the venue at no charge.


The Sheffield Digital Festival is a collaboration between Field Design and Sheffield Digital.

For information, contact festival@sheffield.digital